Meter Modular Cabinet (GMM by his spanish acronym) The GMM is ideal for the safe storage of electric meters due to beign build with quality materials wich made it ideal for public installations such as housing units or spots close to the transformer output. The GMM includes a data hub for the meter readings, wich allows it to switch the connection on and off as needed.


Remote Energy Module (MRE by his spanish acronym). The MRE is a electronic device supplied to the user, it has a standard plug wich allows it to be connected to any socket of the residence. Is the electric energy intake indicator and has the capacity of displaying in its interface the readings of energy consumed in KWh registered by the Modular Meter associated by software to the MRE of the user.


The solid state electric meter (mm100) is a single-phase meter with 1G connection shape, easily integrates with the centralized cabinet reading solution. The internal cut-out switch is capable of operating remotely to switch on or off the electric power service. The operating capacity of the switch is 100 amps and at least 10,000 operations

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