PNTi Edition XVII

-Ing. Rodrigo Alpizar V.
CANACINTRA National President

The National Award for Technology and Innovation (PNTi, in its Spanish acronym) is the highest recognition at national level for exemplary Technology and Innovation Management Models.

PNTi gives awards in four categories:

  • •   Product Innovation   •
  • •   Process Innovation   •
  • •   Marketing Innovation   •
  • •   Technology and Innovation Management   •

EOS TECH, member of the TECNOLOGIAS EOS group participated and won in the category of Product Innovation with the development named "Centralized Measurement System in Cabinet".

One of the main factors by which this product was awarded the distinction was to have translated this product innovation into a competitive advantage and to have shown a significant increase in the revenues of the company related to the sales of this product.

“Enhancing your world with innovation.”